Michigan School for the Deaf is dedicated to the total development of each and every deaf child to come to us under our care. We believe that all deaf children have the same potential to grow and develop as all children.

Here at Michigan School for the Deaf, we provide a warm environment to help nurture and spark the talents and knowledge that we believe all children possess from within. With a commitment to providing comprehensive education, social, cultural and vocational services, we aim to provide those with deaf, hearing and visually impaired needs the help they need.

At Michigan School for the Deaf, we provide services that include instructions for students and families, collaboration in deaf student programs, diagnostic assessment, and resources across the nation. In mindfulness of a deaf child’s disability, we use our multilevel approach to education in all forms of communication available to deaf children in order to help develop language competence and scholastic success.

We make an effort to cooperate with the local school systems to provide the most opportunities for our students and help them achieve their full potential in life. It is our full commitment to open the minds and hearts of deaf children and families.